The challenge: Is it possible for a team to be effective without being healthy? That depends on what we mean by effective – unhealthy teams can achieve short-term results, but will surely fail in the long run. How do leaders build healthy and engaged teams that achieve long-run success? And how should they do it in the new reality of work from anywhere?

The Solution: Our THRIVE training program helps leaders understand the main pillars of team health, equips them with the tools to diagnose their own team, and provides them with the instrumentarium and skill set needed for creating and sustaining healthy teams in the face of increasing uncertainty and decreasing opportunities for human connection. THRIVE is especially useful for leaders struggling to sustain their teams in the new reality of fully remote work.

The Result: By the end of our THRIVE program the leaders involved have involved their teams in an exciting journey for co-creating an environment in which each member thrives – intellectually, emotionally and socially. They have integrated in their practice multiple tools for identifying needs, finding solutions and improving communication both on interpersonal and team level.

Level of training: C-level executives, Senior managers, Experienced people leaders