What is Culture & People

Culture & People is a European consultancy focused on helping leaders build thriving organizations by improving culture and engaging people internally and externally. 

What sets us apart is our approach – we solve problems for global companies by combining human sciences perspectives with strategic communication approaches.


  • “Mihail Stefanov is one of the most effective consultants on emotional intelligence and communication skills that I have met during my travels around the world. I've worked with him directly and he amazed me with his ability to interact so effectively with people, his savvy in getting the right material for the right group every time, and his genuine warmth and sincerity which shine through brilliantly. Mihail has all the components necessary for delivery of excellent programs of training, consulting and coaching. In my opinion, he has all the talents necessary for superb performance at all levels of service.”

    David Ryback - Ph.D., author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work and President of EQ Associates International

Our services

  • Our services

    Create Thriving Cultures

    Effective culture = engaged people = effective organizations. We improve cultures by providing a unique consulting expertise in culture and communications.

    Improve Culture
  • Build Effective Leaders

    Leaders make the team. Leaders break the team. We develop company-wide strategic initiatives and programs to turn your leaders into great builders.

    Build Leaders
    Our services
  • Our services

    Help People Grow

    We help leaders develop their teams by providing cross-platform learning experiences adapted to learners’ specific needs and preferences.

    Help People Grow

Our approach

Human questions require human answers. We give our clients a unique perspective by combining the very best of human sciences with strategic understanding of business needs. 

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  • "We are pleased with the cooperation with Mihail, as he doesn’t offer readymade solutions, but adjusts to our specific needs. His delivery style is expressive and friendly, enhanced with real-life examples and makes participants enjoy his trainings."

    Plamena Yaneva - LIDL Bulgaria Head of personal development

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Everyday we help leaders like you tackle culture and people challenges and build thriving organizations - we’d love to do the same for you! Drop us a line today and let’s talk about your organization’s needs.