Our strategic approach to culture and comms improvement consists of several key stages

  • Our approach

    Stage 1: Deep-dive Research:

    In order to truly understand the issues that our clients face, our team dives into their world by applying a unique combination of research instruments from the fields of ethnography, sociology and psychology. We combine these with available business data (from the client and the industry) and our existing body of knowledge (cases, scientific literature, etc.). Through this we discover underlying assumptions and critical gaps – and by asking the right questions we ultimately start discovering the right answers.

  • Stage 2: Core Insights Reports:

    Our deep-dive research is the only way we can generate powerful (and often unexpected) core insights into human behaviour, organisational cultures, and entire business sectors. Our core insights reports help our clients simplify their decision-making processes and optimise the selected strategy in the desired area.

    Our approach
  • Our approach

    Stage 3: Strategy Design for Change:

    On the basis of our core insight reports, we develop strategies aimed towards achieving the desired change in culture & people. Thanks to our deep understanding of communication science and human nature & behaviour, we add powerful communication components to each strategy that we develop.

  • Our approach

    Stage 4: Implementation Support

    We work alongside our clients and support them in bringing their transformаtion initiatives to fruition. We constantly monitor and assess the programs’ implementation, and adapt tactical efforts in real time to ensure that the best possible results are being achieved.

  • Stage 5: Measure Success:

    The first 4 stages of our approach (Research + Insight + Strategy + Implementation) make evaluating success significantly less daunting. We use social science tools and business metrics to monitor and evaluate pre-defined success indicators. Based on the results, we recommend future strategic steps to our clients.

    Our approach

We’ve consulted a variety of clients across multiple business sectors in areas such as:

  • It all starts with culture

    01. Improving culture

    We’ve done cultural analysis and consulted the design of culture-enhancement programs, and the development of people-focused organizational strategies.

  • With people at heart

    02. Engaging people

    We’ve supported our clients in developing employee engagement programs, optimizing their employer branding and positioning, and improving client relationships & experience

  • Communication as a bridge

    03. Building effectiveness

    We’ve helped our clients prevent dysfunction by discover cultural & communication points of tension in teams and across departments, and overcome them by strategic internal initiatives