The challenge: Growing fast and entering new markets and cultures? Taking over a multicultural global team? Experiencing clashes and silos between departments and country offices? Which cultural differences stand in the way of effectiveness and which can be used strategically? And how does culture influence behavior and performance?

The Solution: Our MEANING training program aims at helping leaders understand the breadth and depth of culture, and develop the skill set required for leading their teams and organizations in a multicultural environment. We provide them with sociological and anthropological frameworks and models, and with multiple practical tools for team diagnostics, cultural mapping, and strategic approach to multicultural leadership.

The Result: The leaders who go through our MEANING program understand the basic cultural elements of each major culture present in their team / organization. They have laid the foundations of a strategy for encouraging intercultural dialogue. They lead effectively by adapting their own leadership style and communication according to each culture’s specifics Рthis helps them avoid cultural tensions and reap the rich benefits of truly diverse teams.

Level of training: C-level executives, Senior managers, Experienced people leaders