“To ask the right question

is already half the solution of a problem.”

Carl Jung

  • Culture Research

    In order to understand culture, we combine multiple social research and assessment tools from a variety of fields including sociology, ethnography, psychology, phenomenology, linguistics and communications.

    Thus, we are able to map and describe the existing culture of an organization, identify issues and points of tension, and propose a strategy for cultural improvement

    research & assessments
  • research & assessments

    Team Diagnostics

    We support leaders by diagnosing all key aspects that drive team success: trust, alignment, communication, behavioral styles, leadership skill set, quality of interactions, attitudes, expectations, decision-making processes, etc.

    Our specialized tools allow us to measure these factors on two levels:
    1. Perceived reality, i.e. what team members think is happening
    2. Observed reality, i.e. what we as experts observe from our immersion in the team’s life, dynamics and culture

  • Issue Identification

    Oftentimes, our clients face complex challenges on culture and people level – sudden increase of staff turnover, company-wide drop in engagement and motivation, conflict between departments – but with unclear reasons.

    We help leaders navigate through complexity by looking deeper into issues, interviewing, observing and seeking insight that helps us discover the right questions in order to get to the right answers.

    research & assessments