The challenge: How do you lead highly creative teams? Is it possible to improve team levels of innovation? What are the limits of creativity? How do leaders create an atmosphere of continuous innovation – on a team and on an organizational level?

The Solution: Our PIONEERS training program is designed for organizational and team leaders who operate in highly competitive sectors where a constant high level of innovation is required. The program provides leaders with the best bits of theory of creativity and insight from fields such as neuroscience, game theory and anthropology. It helps them develop strategic skills for designing, implementing and maintaining a culture that fosters innovation.

The Result: After completing our PIONEERS program leaders understand how creativity and insight work in depth. They have mapped the creative styles of their teams and employees, they have analyzed where and how their organizational/team culture hinders creativity, and have developed a strategy to remove obstacles. They have implemented some of the multiple tactical tools for innovation in the daily lives of their teams. As a result the innovation levels (based on predefined indicators) of some teams have doubled, or even tripled.

Level of training: All people managers and team leaders