The challenge: How to communicate ideas, values and vision clearly? How to engage and move employees, clients and investors? What are the approaches to structuring and delivering a powerful presentation, regardless of the setting and the occasion? What are the secrets behind successful media and stage appearances?

The Solution: Our MOVE training program answers these and many more questions, and helps organizational leaders develop a set of critical rhetorical and public communication skills such as audience analysis, message development and adaptation, information structuring, business storytelling, and many other. MOVE is a crucial component in every experienced leader’s road to success.

The Result: The leaders that go through MOVE can easily analyze and adapt their communication style and arguments to different audiences. They understand the specifics of a variety of public rhetorical formats such as business presentations, stage talks, TV and radio interviews, etc, and skillfully adapt their verbal and visual messages in order to achieve maximum effect.

Level of training: C-level executives, Senior leaders